Making stuff going out of fashion

Why is there so much coverage devoted to Apple and its products? Because, everyone else has stopped making stuff.

Microsoft, who used to know a thing or two about competing, hasn’t sweated in a long while. Intel just plods along in a multi-billion dollar sort of way. Sheeple graze happily.

You can do this for yourself: go to Google search, type in iPhone, iPad, or just Apple. Write down the number of hits under News. Then, do the same for anything else you care to mention. Try Microsoft, Windows 7, or Android.

You’ll get an overwhelming load of repetitive stress when it comes to Apple products, and almost all of it is fluff, or lacking substance. What’s there to talk about? You can’t do much with an Apple product other than use it for a few basic applications, almost all of which are brilliantly controlled in their output courtesy of Apple’s micromanagement. Hence, it’s all boring.

You’re only feel good factor is knowing that you have spent money on something that other people will have heard about so, you won’t feel like a complete loser for checking stuff online over and over again during the course of a day.

You get a Microsoft product and you can spend hours breaking it, infecting it, crashing it, or just bitching about it. It’s like having your own personal psycho-spitoon. All the bile and venom inside you gets focused on Microsoft and you just keep spitting it out, like it will never end.

But, Microsoft and Intel haven’t done anything really new in a long while. Sure, if you take a closer look at Bing, you’ll see a search engine that is pretty good, and has some nice features. Google could learn a thing or two from Bing, and that’s saying a lot.

Intel hasn’t had a eureka moment in a long time. Google came up with the Nexus One. That was a good day.

Who makes stuff anymore? HTC?

Apple is making stuff and no one else.

Apple is building a lifestyle experience around its stuff. No one else.

Apple has a fan base and no one else.

It sucks. It blows a mighty blow. I hate that whole geezer hip boomer designer crap Apple does.