Energizer Bunny wears $15,000 price tag

The Dallas Heritage Auction Galleries is apparently selling one of the six original Energizer Bunnies for a cool $15,000.

The jumpy Bunny of yore was reportedly designed by Academy Award-nominated special effects artist Eric Allard and his company All Effects. 

“Having appeared in more than 100 television commercials since his debut in 1989, the Energizer Bunny is an advertising icon that just keeps going and going and going,” claimed the advertisement which was cited by RetroThing.

“So much so that AdAge.com named it #5 on its list of the Top 10 Advertising Icons of the 20th Century. Included is a letter of authenticity from Allard.”

Meanwhile, Dennis Romero of the LA Times noted that Allard and All Effects had actually created four bunnies named A-C. 

“This one is C and is also nicknamed Clint. A and B were not used for the commercials after their wheels were deemed impractical, so C and D got star billing,” wrote Romero.

“Two other bunnies, a toy deep-sea diver and a would-be astronaut, were created for Energizer in later years.”