Linutop gets Intel Atom makeover

Interested in picking up a low-cost, Linux-powered nettop for the holidays? Well, you may want to check out the Linutop 3. 

The no-frills system features a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, rather than a low power VIA C7 chip found in previous iterations of the Linutop lineup.

Of course, as Brad Linder of Lilliputing notes, the fanless (and silent) nettop isn’t exactly powered by “bleeding edge components,” as it uses a single-core Atom N270 CPU, supports up to 2GB of RAM and is loaded with 2GB of Flash storage.

Additional specs include two drive bays, a PCIe card slot, 6 USB ports, an RS232 COM port, Ethernet, VGA, DVI and audio ports.

The Linutop 3 also ships with a customized Ubuntu variant and runs OpenOffice, Firefox, VLC as well as other open-source software.

The system is priced at a cool $443, or approximately 340 Euros.

Yeah, the price may be a bit steep for a nettop packed with older components, but I suppose the fanless/silent operation, along with its compact design, are definitely  strong selling points – especially for those who don’t require a power-hungry rig.