Kylo optimizes television web browsing

Hillcrest Labs has introduced a new web browser specifically designed for TV Internet surfing.

However, Kylo is not meant to replace traditional browsers such as IE, FF, Safari or Opera on standard computer display screens. 

“Instead, Kylo is for use on a television connected to a computer. Unlike other applications or Web sites, Kylo is not a ‘walled garden’ of aggregated video content, but rather a true Web browser that lets users go where they want across the Internet,” said Hillcrest CEO Dan Simpkins.

“[Because] no matter how hard they try, no single set-top-box manufacturer, specialized TV widget developer, or content aggregator can match the volume of online viewing choices available on a computer.”

Simpkins explained that many consumers have chosen to use their new HDTVs as an “alternative display” for their PCs or Macs – but are often constrained by “mundane and irritating complications.” 

“[For example], many people rely on unsightly keyboards and mice on their coffee tables or couches. Some Web sites have optimized settings for TV viewing, but most do not.

“Fonts and items of interest are generally too small, and too hard to see from across the room. In addition, conventional Web browsers tend to clutter the screen with unnecessary status bars, menus, tabs, indicators and more, since they were designed to be used from two feet away.”

He added that Kylo included a number of features which facilitated easy TV browsing, including:

  • The ability to visit any site on the Web.
  • An onscreen keyboard that appears when there is a need to enter text, eliminating the need for a physical keyboard.
  • Compatibility with any physical keyboard for users who prefer to use one.
  • Fonts, cursor, and onscreen targets are larger than those in traditional browsers.
  • Easy zooming and panning.
  • The maximization of useful viewing space by hiding or removing toolbars, tabs, buttons and indicators.
  • Works with any mouse, but ideal for use with an in-air mouse such as the Loop pointer.
  • Easy bookmarking.
  • A directory of links to dozens of popular Web sites.
  • Mozilla-based design, and free, easy download and setup.