iPhone dock gets Steampunk makeover

A talented Etsy artist has created a truly beautiful Steampunk-themed iPhone dock that successfully fuses art with function.

As Rigel Celeste of LuXist notes, the iPhone naturally blends into the Steampunk design – and isn’t immediately discernible or “sticking out” like a sore thumb.

“[Of course], it is also awesome to look at, but will certainly require a very specific decor scheme to pull off. Each iRetrofone Steampunk is hand-sculpted, hand-cast in urethane resin and then hand-painted,” wrote Celeste.

“They’re each a fully functional iPhone dock complete with USB compatibility for syncing and charging and an enormous (but also functional) old-fashioned handset for conversing like grandma used to while reducing your radiation exposure.”

The iRetrofone Steampunk – created by Scott Freeland – is currently available on Esty for a cool $350.