Intel to retire Skulltrail QX9775 processor

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel has begun phasing out its last remaining Core 2 Extreme processor – the flagship QX9775 chip, also known as Skulltrail CPU.

Intel is scrapping its only remaining Core 2 Extreme processor. The company said that the demand for the QX9775 processor, currently the company’s flagship desktop CPU, “has shifted to other Intel processors.” Final orders for the processor will be taken on October 9 and final shipments are scheduled for June 11, 2010.

The QX9775 was launched in February 2008 as part of Intel’s dual-socket Skulltrail enthusiast PC platform. Typically equipped with two (Xeon) LGA771-based 45 nm processors, Skulltrail PCs are priced north of $10,000 and are hitting more than $20,000 in some configurations available from boutique PC vendors. The QX9775 still is the most expensive desktop processor Intel has ever offered.
The 3.2 GHz CPU is offered at a tray price of $1499, while street prices are typically much closer to $1600 – $1800.