Intel fleshes out 22 nanometer plans

Mark Bohr talked in some detail of Intel’s 22 nanometer process, and said that Intel is developing both CPU and SoC versions of each technology generation.

As Paul Otellini said in his keynote, Intel is on a two year roadmap for both system on chip devices and CPUs.

The CPU for the 22 nanometer technology is the P1270, and the SoC chip P1271, For the 32 nanometer process, Intel is creating the P1268 CPU core and the P1269 system on a chip.

The 22 nanometer process is unlikely to entail major changes on the manufacturing tool level. Intel will be able to reuse much of the equipment from the 45 nanometer process, Bohr said.

32 nanometer process technology will go mainstream next year, said Bohr. Bohr said Intel has made significant improvements on the 32 nanometer process technology but said Intel will be able to improve yields when the 22 nanometer process starts.

Intel is interested in moving to the 16 inch wafer size, but can’t do it alone. Other major semiconductor companies have to work with Intel to make that happen.

Intel hopes it may eventually make the transition to larger wafer sizes when the rest of the industry agrees to move to the newer standard, but that’s probably some way in the future.