Intel accidentally previews Larrabee, Gulftown

Intel has inadvertently offered a sneak preview of its afternoon keynote speech. Copies of the keynote to be delivered by Sean Maloney somehow appeared in the press room early this morning.

We might have seen the last of Kicking Pat Gelsinger at IDF, but it looks as if we have a new contender – step forward, please, Stomping Sean Maloney. We can be sure that feathers are flying after some hapless PR placed transcripts of Maloney’s keynote from this afternoon’s session of IDF in the pigeon holes of the Press Room, several hours before Stomping Sean was due to take the stage.

Rupert Goodwins of ZdNet UK managed to snatch a copy of the keynote before it was hastily removed. According to Goodwins, Intel will discuss Larrabee and showcase a enthusiast chip known as Gulftown running ray-traced versions of Quake Wars: Enemy Territory. Meanwhile, Larrabee has shipped in small numbers to developers, while the multi-core x86 device has been “firmly” positioned as a next-generation graphics chip.

Maloney is also expected to discuss integrated graphics, with Larrabee slated to be integrated with other functions “eventually.” In addition, Maloney will demonstrate its Sandy Bridge 32nm processor by streaming video and running 3D in a ‘far-future’ configuration. Westmere – Intel’s first 32nm processor – will be showed off, with AES encryption on-chip, Turbo Boost and hyperthreading.

Finally, Maloney will talk up Jasper Forest and brief journalists on Intel’s server sector, including the Nehalem-EX and a Xeon 3000 ultra-low voltage server chip.