HP touts uber cool swivel PCs

Once you’ve seen one touchscreen PC you’ve seen them all. Well, that is until you see the new HP TouchSmart610 and TouchSmart 9300. These touchscreen PCs are on a flexible mount, which means users can recline the touchscreen 60 degrees up or down and swivel it 180 degrees.

By nature, touchscreen PCS are interactive, which is why a swiveling, moveable touchscreen PC is an excellent choice for a kickass presentation or computer sharing experience. Imagine being able to share a touchscreen experience with your co-workers in a board meeting?

Or doodling with your kids using finger touchscreen technology, swiveling the computer up for your older child and down for your youngest? 

The 9300 Elite Business PC is a 23-inch touchscreen PC with 1920 x 1080 resolution, with the added flexibility. HP said its aim was to make the touchscreen flexible and ergonomic so users can utilize and share the computer.

“As a leader in touch computing, HP has made each iteration of the TouchSmart PC more intuitive, resourceful and fun for users,” said James Mouton, senior vice president, Desktop Organization, Personal Systems Group, HP.

“The latest generation is no exception with a new design that makes it easier and more comfortable to use, and it allows businesses to integrate the TouchSmart where convenience, space constraints and appearance matter.”

The 610 has similar flexibility and has gotten an upgrade with HP’s latest TouchSmart software layer, which includes- touch versions of Hulu, Netflix, and Twitter. 

Besides the novelty of the swiveling screen, HP offers an Intel/AMD processor powered TouchSmart 610 with up to 16Gb of RAM, a terabyte of storage, a Blu-ray drive, 1.3 megapixel camera, and Beats Audio Speakers.

The 9300 has more professional features like Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors, a 160Gb SSD option, and a high quality two megapixel camera with facial recognition software for enhanced security. YOW!

The 610 will be available on February 9th for a price of $899 and up, while the 9300 business version is said to be available in May at a price that has yet to be announced.

Either way, me likey. [[HP]]