HP DreamScreen screens your friends at home

Hewlett Packard has introduced a range of wireless and wired connected screens to show photos and play music around your home.

The DreamScreen comes in two sizes – the DreamScreen 100 measures 10.2-inches while the DreamScreen 130 measures 13.3-inches.

Each comes with 2GB of memory and digital content can be played using a USB or other type of flash card. You can move pictures and music around by dragging and dropping the data from a networked PC.

The DreamScreen will also stream music from the Internet using Pandora. The units support 802.11b or g wireless capability and include calendar and weather forecast and alarms. The 100 model costs $250 and is available now, while the DreamScreen 130 will cost $300 and is expected to be available in the fall.

Isn’t it time this sort of thing was built directly into your fridge? Intel showed off a demo in the 1990s of such a device which also could order your groceries by monitoring if you were running out of eggs or not.