British blogger sued for defamation

In a convoluted international case, a law firm in Sydney, acting for the Chinese owners of the massive multiplayer online game Evony, has filed a case against a British blogger for defamation.

Warren Mckeon Dickson, said in a media release that it had filed suit in the NSW Supreme Court against Bruce Everiss “for posting defamatory and false statements online about the company and the game.

The blogger apparently ignored multiple attempts to reconcile the matter out of court, the briefs said.

It had written to him twice in August, threatening him with legal action because he had allegedly made defamatory remarks about Evony in articles written for his blog. Everiss, who was a marketeer in the games industry just ignored them.

Everiss was told to identify the author and the names of all those involved in publication of the articles.

Everiss has posted both letters on his blog so the lawyers know he got the letters.