Hitachi touts "glasses-free" 3D display

Hitachi has reportedly unveiled details of a new 3D display for handheld electronic devices.

According to Kotaku, the 3.1″ screen features a parallax barrier and in-plane switching options that allows flat displays to appear three-dimensional with a relatively wide viewing angle.

“[However], Hitachi’s option does not highlight any touchscreen capabilities, in addition to being smaller and having less impressive brightness, making it a less impressive (or technically incompatible) screen option,” wrote Kotaku’s Michael McWhertor.

“Both Sharp’s and Hitachi’s displays feature 854 x 480 resolution, much higher than the standard Nintendo DS screens.”

It should be noted that Nintendo recently announced its “glasses-free” 3DS, which is expected to feature a force-feedback system, along with a screen size comparable to that of the DSI.

Although the Japanese-based company has thus far declined to provide technical specs or details, a number of publications have speculated that the image will be rendered on a screen with a thin sheet of lenses in front of the primary display panel.