South Korea scandalized by StarCraft betting ring

The global e-sports community is reeling from reports that a number of pro-gamers in South Korea may have engaged in StarCraft match fixes and illegal betting.

According to GamePron, many A-list StarCraft celebrities – including sAviOr, Ja Mae Yoon – have been accused of intentionally losing matches, as well as leaking their team’s replay files to infamous gambling syndicates.

“The teams involved are currently naming and shaming offending members, in some cases forcing the more serious cheaters to retire from the game. Various gamers are also being investigated, with many denying charges before eventually admitting their involvement,” wrote GamePron’s Jessica Citizen.

“The story has been likened to the 1919 Black Sox scandal, which saw eight members of the Chicago White Sox World Series team intentionally losing several games – giving the series to the Cincinnati Reds.”

Citizen explained that the scandal, which began in 2006, “exploded properly” in 2008, when betting sites contacted various players about rigging matches.

“Apparently, retired pro gamers, a former pro gamer coach, a former match announcer and a pro gaming scene reporter brought out their address books and contact lists to play a large part in the deals being made. Coaching staff and camp directors are also implicated, allegedly taking money for charging player entry fees,” she added.