This LCD is 70 inches of pure HDTV

We’ve all seen big television screens and most of us certainly wouldn’t mind owning a larger TV – as long as it doesn’t ‘crowd out’ everything else in the room. So, just how big can a LCD TV screen get?

Well, Sharp is on a mission to redefine the scale of large LCD HDTVs for the mainstream consumer market.

How big? 70 inches.

That’s right – the LC-70LE732U LED-backlit is now the largest LCD HDTV available on the market, taking over the top position from the previous high of 65 inches.

Sharp asserts that the LC-70LE732U provides 62% more screen area than a 55-inch TV. The company’s comparison is deliberate, as 55-inch TVs are the highest selling model of all 50-inch plus televisions.

But the LC-70LE732U is not all brawn. It features built in WiFi that allows easy access to Internet apps such as Vudu, Netflix, CinemaNow, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pandora.

The giant TV also has advanced network control that ensures seamless integration in a home theatre setup, with two USB media players included to ensure a “full” TV experience.

The LC-70LE732U uses Sharp’s Quattron Quad Pixel Plus technology and adds yellow to the conventional Red-Green-Blue pixel formats. This allows many new color blends such as sunflower yellow, Caribbean blue and sparkling gold to be displayed on screen for the very first time.

This technology also reduces jags and efficiently processes high resolution images.

So, how much does the tricked-out LDC HDTV television cost? A cool $3,800.

Would you buy it?