This 200-megapixel camera costs $45,000

Sure, 16 megapixels may seem like quite a lot by current mobile standards, but what about a 200 megapixel camera? 

Well, Hasselblad has launched a new top-notch model priced at a cool $45,000. Think about that for a moment.

Why, for 45K you could buy a luxurious Lincoln MKZ still have some cash left over for some extra fun.

Of course, Hasselblad’s latest masterpiece really only boasts 50 actual megapixels – as the camera’s multishot technology achieves an impressive 200 by combining six shots into one.

Meaning, moving subjects need not apply to be photographed by the H4D-200MS.


But the specs are pretty impressive and quite appropriate for stationary objects such jewelry, watches, cars and paintings.

For example, the sensor measures 36.7×49.1mm and pictures boast a resolution of 6132×8176 pixels. 

And with Hasselblad’s multishot technology, a single photo could exceed approximately 600 MB.

Sure, you can always attach an external drive, but even with a tripod, things could get kind of awkward during a 1,000 photo shoot.

Fortunately, the H4D-200MS boasts another high-end feature known as True Focus, which measures angle changes and adjusts the autofocus setting in real time.

Yes, at 45K, this camera is definitely not targeted at the average point-and-shooter. Then again, it sure seems like a sweet device for professional photographers shooting high-quality pics.