Smart Brand Aohi Releases Magcube 30w – The World’s Smallest 30W GaN+ USB-C Charger

Aohi, the smart brand of the world’s leading charger supplier, listed company Aohai technology, releases its launch of the world’s smallest 30W PD charger – Magcube 30W.

Aohi is the newly established smart brand of Aohai technology (Aohai). As the core charger partner of many global well-known brands, such as Google, Amazon, Belkin, Vivo, Xiaomi, OPPO, DJI, ASUS, Nokia, etc, Aohai is the first company to announce an IPO in the charging industry (stock code: 002993). Backed by Aohai, Aohi’s first product provokes excitement among tech geeks.

Powered by latest GaN+ tech and innovative 3-stage intelligent charging tech, Aohi Magcube is not only smaller in size, but also more efficient in power-transmission and energy dissipation to charge your iOS/Android devices up to 6 times power and 3 times faster speed than original 5W chargers. The top-notch Magcube achieves to support 30 watts dramatically in the mini 5W size. 

Magcube uses the chipset of Power Integrations, which is Apple’s original supplier, the best chip supplier for now. The model is PI INN3379C which adopts PowiGan technology. Magcube ensures high quality protection and fast charging.

Aohi Magcube is equipped with an indicator light to check different charging status. When the LED’s color is amber, it means your device is under fast charging status, solid blue under standard charging status, and solid green under trickle charging status. There is no light pollution in the dark since it has matte treatment on the surface to keep light evenly. It is so convenient to see the charging status. 

Magcube has a stunning surface with CNC and precision carved diamond vein design, which makes it highly recognized and eye-catching. There is also an extra metallic port to ensure longer lifespan. Magcube perfectly combines stylish design and prestige texture.

In addition, Aohi Magcube’s notable product performance test include:

Charger Protocols

According to Power-Z testing data, Magcube supports Apple 2.4, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, SCP, QC3.0 and PD3.0, and supports 5V/3A、9V/2.22A、9V/2.77A、15V/2A、20V/1.5 and PPS 3A.

Step Voltage Test

During the step voltage test of 9V, 15V, and 20V, the voltage and current curve are smooth.

At 9V, the maximum output is 8.51V/3.53A, 30W;

At 15V, the maximum output is 14.62V/2.3A, 33.6W;

At 20V, the maximum output is 19.74V/1.5A, 29.6W.

Full Load Test

For 30W full load test for 30 minutes, with 20V/1.5A output, the output is stable. Moreover, the surface temperature is measured at 55.2°C. Aohi really did an amazing job to achieve heat dissipation in such a mini size and high watt density.

Outside of the stellar build quality, PI chipset, convenient indicator light, good performance and compatibility, the biggest draw of Magcube will likely be the ultra-mini size. Aohi Magcube 30W is the genuine world’s smallest 30w PD charger. It is available at $29.99(list price) in Aohi official website and Amazon store. 

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