New Macbooks may be on the way

After Apple has stopped shipping its Macbook notebooks for about two weeks, and retailers have reportedly begun receiving notice not to open new shipments headed to their stores, it’s being speculated that the new products are brand new, updated versions of the laptop computer line.

According to Apple blog Apple Insider, Apple has given notice to its retail partners that any sealed containers they receive should not be open until further notice. The assumption here is that these packages contain new versions of the company’s Macbooks.

Furthermore, European retailers haven’t even been able to get any Macbook shipments at all, and nothing is coming through Apple’s official channel.

In other words, all signs point to something happening, and it makes sense to link everything together to come up with the new Macbook conclusion.

But if that all wasn’t enough, there’s another report about Best Buy releasing five new Apple SKUs, with prices ranging from $1199 to $2499. They are all for notebook computers.

Apple is infamous for keeping its new products a secret until they are ready for sale. The company likes to announce new items available for purchase, and then say consumers can buy them that same day.

It’s unclear when the veil will be lifted on these new Macbooks, but it should be soon since – if you believe the speculation – they’re actually being shipped. And no one likes to keep new inventory just sitting around.

Some focus have shifted away from Apple’s computer line as the iPhone and iPad dominate the headlines, but Apple is making sure that everyone realizes it is still in the market of making actual, full-scale computers too.