MSI announces new, super-slim powerful tablets

MSI, a company known for its high-end gaming PCs, has just revealed a couple new tablets to add to its portfolio.

The announcement came during the Computex trade show this week in Taipei. MSI’s new products include the WindPad Enjoy 7 and the WindPad Enjoy 10.

As you might expect, the former has a 7-inch display and the latter a 10-inch. In addition, the larger tablet has a more powerful screen resolution, measuring in at 1024 x 768, while the Enjoy 7 comes in at 800 x 480.

Both models sport Android 2.3 instead of the more popular tablet OS, Android 3.0. Additionally, it does not support access to the Android Market, which seems to be a puzzling flaw.

But then again, the Android Market has become increasingly irrelevant, as third-party sources for Android apps continue to make headlines, not the least of which is Amazon’s Appstore. Unlike the iPhone or iPad, users are free to download their Android apps from some other location and load them on their mobile device.

The new WindPad devices also contain a 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, as well as 4 GB of built-in storage and 512 MB of RAM.

Both are expected to hit the production lines in July, with an unconfirmed release date to come shortly thereafter.

Pricing details were not announced, though MSI’s computers are known for being considerably more expensive than those from other manufacturers, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the WindPad products priced at or above iPad levels.