Lenovo’s IdeaPad still exists, will cost $1300

Lenovo’s next great tablet computer will br priced at a whopping $1300. But even though it’s more than twice as expensive as an iPad, this ain’t your momma’s tablet.

This crazy gadget is actually a full laptop computer and an iPad-like tablet in one. When you need a lot of computing power, simply use it just like you would any other notebook PC.

But if you want a little more mobility, turn the screen around and detach it from the keyboard. It then instantly transforms into a touch-screen tablet device with the power of a fully functional Windows operating system.

The IdeaPad was first unveiled at last year’s CES. It gained some attention for its novel concept and the only real “tablet” on display at the show worth noting. But then, of course, a few months later Apple introduced the iPad. Suddenly the IdeaPad seemed like a clunker.

Lenovo then introduced the LePad, a standalone tablet device running Google’s Android operating system. This led many to believe the company had simply abandoned the IdeaPad, which it said during CES 2010 would come out later that year. But here we are again, and the IdeaPad will in fact be coming out.

$1300 for a hybrid tablet may sound expensive, but it was just a few years ago that a “Tablet PC” couldn’t be found for anything cheaper than that. It used to mean something very different than it does in the post-iPad world.

So, with USB ports, an actual real computer operating system, and some pretty nice specs, the IdeaPad doesn’t seem that far fetched. The specs include 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, 320 GB of storage, Intel’s 1.2 GHz Core i5-540UM processor, and Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed.

Lenovo’s cheaper unit, the LePad, is also on display at CES and will be coming out later this year as well, at a much more modest $520 price point. [[Lenovo]]