Wow! Case for iPad 2 spotted at CES

A little-known Chinese manufacturer is reported to have shown iPad 2 cases at its CES booth.

Dexim probably looks like any other of the hundreds of small manufacturers at the show, with its accessories like iPad cases not really doing much to stand out. That is, until you realize these cases won’t fit around your iPad.

Though the company didn’t overtly advertise its iPad 2 cases as the next-gen thing, Engadget noticed the case wouldn’t work for its iPad. That’s when Dexim said it was being designed for the next iteration of the device.

While not being officially approved by Apple, Dexim feels it has a strong grasp of what the iPad 2 will be like. It must have received the dimensions from some other Apple partner, because it seems like a lot of work to go to without knowing for sure what the iPad 2 will be shaped like.

The case has a cut-out hole for a camera, more room for the speaker, and a slimmer form factor.

Because it’s Apple, the company won’t confirm whether or not it’s working on a new version of the iPad, but given its runaway success and the fact that many people still want to see improvements, it seems like a no brainer.