DIY master turns Nook Color into an in-car system

Barnes & Noble still has a long way to go before it catches up to Amazon in the e-book war, but its latest e-reader has gained attention for non-reading reasons. While it is designed to be mainly an e-reading device, users have unlocked the interface to make it a full Android tablet. And now someone has taken that a step further.

This isn’t an officially sanctioned use of the Nook, but someone was able to pull out his car’s existing stereo system and replace it with an embedded Nook Color.


The Nook now serves as a touchscreen interface to view videos, listen to music, and, well, read. Although, we probably shouldn’t recommend that while you’re driving.

We have to say that this looks like a pretty rockin’ device.

Something that could rival this would probably cost at least $500-$600 at Best Buy, and then you’d have to pay their techs to install it.

Of course, not everyone would have the uber abilities this guy has, and you’d have to have the right-sized stereo system to work.

In other words, don’t try this at home. But do show all your friends, because this is pretty cool.

(Via UberGizmo)