Rumor: Sony developing a "hack-proof" PS3

Well, this is certainly an amusing rumor. Apparently, the folks at Sony are attempting to build a “hack-proof” PS3. Although definitely an admirable initiative from a corporate perspective, we all know that any system is (eventually) crackable.

Still, EverythingHQ insists that the recent Playstation 3 price drops can be attributed to the advent of Sony’s upcoming “locked-down” system. 

“I have been told by an anonymous source Sony [is] already deep into plans of developing a hack-proof PS3 system,” claimed Ken of EverythingHQ.

If the above-mentioned rumor is to be believed, and personally, I would take it with a huge fistful of salt, the allegedly “hack-proof” Slim will feature a 300GB hard drive and carry a cool £187 (approximately $300) price tag.

And what can you expect the new system to hit the market? 

“The scheduled launch is unsure at this time due to Sony seeing if they can win the battle in the courts against the root of all the PS3 hacks – George Hotz,” wrote Ken.

“Sony is essentially trying to get rid of all the old SKUs with these price drops – and even their own price drop incoming possibly – so it makes way for their new hack-proof model.”

So there you have it, folks. Rumors of a “hack-proof” PS3, which will undoubtedly be protected by a moat and an advanced digital perimeter impervious to incursions by even the most talented of jailbreakers.

Yeah, right. Good luck, Sony!