Apple fanboy press mad at Samsung’s 64-bit mobile chip

Samsung is working on an in-house optimised version of a 64-bit mobile processor and the tame Apple press is screaming that it is cheating.

Cnet thundered that Samsung was just copying Apple by moving to 64-bit. After all it is completely illogical for a company to move with the technology trends.

“Apple drew plenty of oohs and aahs when it revealed the first 64-bit chip for smartphones in September. That Apple A7 processor is also an ARM-based design that has been optimized and tweaked by Apple. It is now shipping in the iPhone 5S and iPad Air,” advertised Cnet.

So imagine Cnet’s anger when Stephen Woo, president of System at Samsung Electronics, told a presentation at Samsung’s Analyst Day in Seoul, South Korea that it was adopting a two step approach to adopting 64-bit.

It was using a design from ARM, then, developing its own “optimised” 64-bit design. Which is probably not copying Apple, just following a logical method of adopting ARM 64-bit in the shortest possible time.

Woo said that there is considerable demand for 64 bit based mobile gear and it was pressing ahead with its roadmap.

The whole concept that Apple invented 64-bit first is naïve to say the least. PCs progressively moved to 64-bit and there is pressure to have mobile with the same amount of power. For the mobile revolution to work, 64-bit is an obvious no brainer, particularly if you want PC performance from smaller toys.

Central to mobile development is the ability to address larger memory sticks, something that 32-bit chips can’t do. True, Apple was one of the first off the boat to realise this, but hell following the logical technology progression is hardly copying Jobs’ Mob. Sheesh. 

Source: TechEye