Seth MacFarlane is Back With Bordertown

Seth MacFarlane is one of those guys in television like JJ Abrams who always has a million things going on at once, and you wonder when either of them ever get any sleep. MacFarlane’s Family Guy empire is still going strong, and there’s a sequel in the works to Ted, one of the highest grossing comedies in history. 

Now MacFarlane has a new series coming up on Fox, Bordertown, and it’s about two rival families who live near the border of America and Mexico. Variety tells us this show is slated for the 2014 – 15 season on MacFarlane’s usual home, Fox, and considering MacFarlane’s work ethic, it’s a trip to think this is his first new animated series since The Cleveland Show.

You may recall that some time back MacFarlane was going to reboot The Flintstones, but it didn’t come together. Now he’s got an all-new animated series, and we’re sure that in the usual MacFarlane style it’s going to be irreverent, offensive, hilarious, and potentially brilliant if it comes together right.

MacFarlane’s style of comedy and animation isn’t for everyone, and we’re sure somebody’s going to get their shorts in a knot about something on this show, but what’s the fun of playing it safe, especially when you’re trying to make people laugh? We’re definitely curious to see what MacFarlane has next up his sleeve when Bordertown debuts next year.