Ming Mecca offers analog control of your digital world

A company known as Special Stage Systems has rolled out a rather interesting product that will be sure to appeal to hard-core gamers and hobbyists alike.

Dubbed Ming Mecca, this device promises to bring analog controls to digital video game environments. Essentially, the product can best be described as an analog circuit board with a number of switches, ports, toggles and buttons.

Ming Mecca allows gamers to load assets via a SD card slot. Once content is loaded, players can use the switches and toggles to completely adjust the maps on the game machine, graphics, characters, and physics using simple voltage tweaks.

You can also use the device to change look of the game and gain access to firmware and schematics of the software to do something completely custom. If you’re excited about this product, well, it’s time to throw a little cold water on you. That’s right – Mecca isn’t slated to actually ship until the summer of 2014.

When it does ship, the device is expected to cost $999 for what the company calls a World Core or $350 for a Control Core. Check out the video above to get a better idea of what  the device can do.