Stream video from mobile devices to your TV with PLAiR

There are literally hundreds of PCs-on a stick crowding the lucrative Android market, including the quad-core MK809 III quad-core which first tipped up last month.

As previously discussed on TG Daily, Android-powered TV sticks allow  users to download apps and stream video content from the Internet to big-screens TVs sitting in living rooms and bedrooms.

Recently, a new TV dongle dubbed the PLAiR hit the web. The device is somewhat similiar to the above-mentioned sticks, yet it does differ in at least one respect from most of the Android-powered sticks on the market today.  

Indeed, PLAir – priced at a cool $99 – streams video from devices such as a PC, iPhone or iPad/Android tablet directly to your TV.

The upside to the PLAiR is that there are no annoying download menus to navigate. You simply plug the device into a TV HDMI port and then use a browser or app to shoot video over to the TV. The downside? You do have to have your device handy, which will be using up precious battery power – if you’re streaming from video from your smartphone or tablet.

Frankly, the setup is somewhat questionable to me because the PLAiR is much more limited in features than your typical Android-powered TV stick. With an Android device, you can surf the web, watch video, and play games without having to use an additional device.

Unfortunately, the PLAiR doesn’t seem to offer that capability, even if it has a similiar price tag. In addition, at least one reviewer reports that the PLAiR seems to be experiencing video playback issues, although the glitch is likely be fixed in the near future via a firmware update.