MSI rolls out a gaming all-in-one

MSI has pulled the wraps off an all-in-one computer that is being billed as the company’s first AIO designed specifically for gaming.

True, MSI has been cranking out all-in-one PCS for a long-time, but those machines are typically targeted at desktop computing and aren’t exactly up to the task of hard-core gaming. Meaning, previous machines might have been just fine for Farmville, but were unlikely capable of smoothly playing Crysis.

The above-mentioned machine is known as the AG2712 and was announced at CeBIT earlier this week. It boasts a 27-inch screen and integrated speakers powered by THX audio technology. Unfortunately, the machine lacks an integrated subwoofer, which means explosions will be rather underwhelming.

MSI uses Intel Ivy Bridge processors of the Core i5 variety inside the machine, and it’s possible that a later update will offer Intel’s newer and higher performing Haswell processors. Graphics duties are handled by an Nvidia 670 MX GPU. The resolution of that 27-inch panel is 1080p and, as expected, the machine boasts an integrated touchscreen. Buyers can choose a wide-angle matte finish or a glossy option.

Additional specs include HDMI input/output, VGA output, ethernet port, memory card reader, tray-loading optical drive, headphone sockets, four USB 2.0 ports and a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

It should probably be noted that MSI has confirmed it will be producing a 22-inch version of the AIO known as the AG2212 which will feature optional discrete graphics along with a Core i3 processor. Unfortunately, MSI hasn’t yet offered up any details on pricing or availability for either of the above-mentioned machines.