Raspberry Pi powers Adafruit’s printer kit

Are you the DIY sort who likes to mod and build electronic gadgets? If so, you might want to check out the Internet of Things Wireless Printer kit.

The kit – built by Adafruit – is a wireless version of the wired printer previously offered from the same company. While the wired version of this Internet of Things printer is powered by an Arduino Uno, the wireless version is equipped with a Raspberry Pi Model B which runs the Raspbian Linux operating system.

The software for the wireless printer is programmed in Python and the printer runs the Python Imaging Library – allowing for a number of choices when it comes to typography and graphics. The programming language also allows users to whip up their own code,if they are so inclined.

The little printer does ship with some sample applications for printing out daily material and content, including weather reports, sudoku puzzles, tweets and even images on the 2.25-inch wide thermal receipt paper.

As expected, the wireless version of the printer is significantly more expensive than the wired version with a $189 price tag vs. $80 for the wired iteration. Check out the video above to learn just about everything there is know about little printer this side of building yourself one. Note: Unfortunately, the launch date for the wireless printer is unknown at this time.