Revolution set to return

Since it first debuted on NBC last September, Revolution has been a big success, and it was a great idea for a show. For many genre classics, like I Am Legend, the launching point usually begins with two simple words: “What if…”

What if all the power in the world goes out? What on earth would we do? 

Although Revolution first garnered mediocre reviews, the show’s ratings have been growing, and the audience should be back in full force when it returns on March 25. Revolution creator Eric Kripke also revealed that when Revolution does make a comeback, the big question will finally be answered: How did the blackout happen?

As the Revolution team revealed before, the show isn’t all about the big reveal of why the power went out. They’ll reveal it, then move on. The cause won’t be the big twist that would wrap up the show. And this is a smart idea. We finally learn what caused it, then considering there’s nothing we can do about it, we have to figure out how to live with it. 

As the Wall Street Journal reports, at a press conference Kripe said, “I thought we did a pretty great job introducing the characters. Characters come first in [a] show like this. I don’t think we moved the story fast enough.” There will be more “character twists” as the show progresses, and Kripe added, “I’m hopeful the fans will dig it.”

The reason why the power went out will be explained by the character Rachel Matheson, who is played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Kripe promised we’ll finally know on April 8, telling Entertainment Weekly, “We deliver it, and [then] we ask a bunch more questions. And I think the mystery still continues, but it just keeps evolving and shifting…Every question that has been asked, we answer it before the end of the season.”

Kripe also gives the impression there will be more mysteries and twists to come beyond the power going out. But with JJ Abrams involved with this show, twists and mysteries are par for the course.