This mobile workstation is powered by a Raspberry Pi

We’ve seen the uber-mino Raspberry Pi power a wide variety of DIY projects, including the aptly named Lappi which transformed the popular dev board into a rather bulky laptop.

Well, if you like the idea of having a Pi you can take with you on the go, but want something less bulky than Lappi, you might want to check out another project that is somewhat reminiscent of a mobile slate.

Yes, electronics component retailer SK Pang Electronics took a newly delivered Raspberry Pi and combined it with a mini wireless keyboard, USB power pack, and a small LCD display. The components were then mounted to a small laser cut transparent base with a handle neatly cut out, allowing users to easily carry the board and related components around.

SK Pang says that the most difficult part of the entire project was figurin out a way to power the display and the Raspberry Pi from a single USB port on the portable power pack.

Interestingly, the workaround to get both devices working from the single USB port required a bit of rewiring on the display to bypass its power regulator – simply because the LCD required 12 V of power and the USB port provided only 5 V. The builders also had to split the cable pack to allow a second USB connector to be added to the Pi board.

This is an interesting project that will get you on the road with your little Raspberry Pi, but the basic nature of the mobile work station clearly is more for hobbyists than someone looking to create a serious mobile device.