Diamond builds new Android set-top box, Zotac refreshes Zbox lineup

Diamond Multimedia has introduced an Android-powered set-top box dubbed the AMP2000.

The device is actually a follow-up to Diamond’s AMP1000 which launched last summer. Interestingly, the new AMP2000 is apparently packaged “with Google TV,” although it remains unclear if the box runs Mountain View’s full-blown TV OS, or some sort Android-based hybrid offering.

Either way, we’re fairly certain the AMP2000, like its predecessor, will be more than capable of running at least Android 4.0 (ICS) for those of you who are less-than-thrilled with Google’s specialized TV OS.  

In the meantime, we do know for certain that the device supports popular streaming applications such as Hulu Plus and Netflix. It is also packaged with a rather interesting remote control with a track pad and a full QWERTY keyboard for controlling the streaming video action from across the room. Pricing for the set-top-box is unavailable at this time, although March or April have been pegged as potential shipping dates. 

In related news, Zotac has refreshed its Zbox line of uber-mini HTPC machines: the ID42 and ID83. The upgraded systems feature dual gigabit Ethernet ports, dual Wi-Fi antennas, and an upgraded cooling system that allows for the installation of more powerful Intel processors, such as a dual-core 1.1 GHz Celeron or Core i3-3120M.

Various GPU options are available, ranging from integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics up to Nvidia’s GeForce 620.

In addition, Zotac will be offering the small form factor machines as bare-bones units or ready to run machines with RAM and storage installed. It’s unclear exactly how much these small form factor computers will cost, but early retail listings tipped a loaded ID83 at around $520.