Guillermo Del Toro’s video game is back

Fans of Guillermo Del Toro may remember that in addition to the thousands of movies the Hollywood veteran has in development, he was also working on a video game tentatively dubbed Insane, which fell apart last year.

There’s been a lot of synergy between video games and horror films in recent years, and a game with Del Toro’s involvement sounded very promising indeed.

As we previously reported on TG, Insane was in development for a year when the company THQ pulled the plug last August. Del Toro certainly knows movies, but gaming was a new ballgame.

“Going into constructing it, you have to be respectful of the medium,” he said. “I’m learning a lot.” Del Toro also promised the monsters in the game were going to be “obscenely fun and unique,” while the game was going to be “Lovecraftian.” 

Now the site CVG confirms that Insane is indeed back, and Del Toro said, “We are in talks with a very, very big company. I can’t say who, but it’s one of the big ones. They really responded to the game, they responded to what we were trying.”

When THQ stopped development on Insane, the rights for the game went back to Del Toro, and he apparently didn’t give up on it, much like he’s still trying to make At the Mountains of Madness. CVG also tells us a potential release for the game could be sometime in 2015.

“Some of the devices of the game I need to update,” Del Toro said. “Because now I’ve seen them in other games that just came out. That always happens. But the principle we’re trying to do with the game is to make it a really immersive narrative experience. It’s still a really challenging proposal.” 

Again, the idea of Del Toro doing an incredible, and incredibly scary video game is a great idea, and it’s good to hear Insane is back in development. We’re also curious what kind of gaming synergy there’s going to be for Del Toro’s big sci-fi epic, Pacific Rim, which is clearly a natural for a game adaptation.