Rhombus Tech dev board packs an Allwinner A10 processor

The Allwinner A10 is a decent little chip that has turned up in all sorts of devices and PCs-on-a-stick running Android over the past several months. 

Not long ago, Allwinner unveiled a new processor that we’re sure to see in all sorts of gadgets and hardware in the coming months dubbed the A20. While the new A20 is a quad-core processor, the original A10 is a single-core unit.

A new developer board manufactured by Rhombus Tech uses the ubiquitous A10 processor. Dubbed the A10 EOMA-68, the board is loaded with the single-core ARM Coretex-A8 SoC. As noted above, we’ve seen this processor in devices like the MK802 PC-on-a-stick the past.

However, the EOMA-68 the developer board should be somewhat more versatile than a PC-on-a-stick. Indeed, the EOMA-68 features a 68-pin PCMCIA connector and is designed to be slotted into different shells to act as the brain of the computer.

The little single-core processor isn’t exactly all that powerful, but should be more than capable of running various Linux flavors as well as Android. Considering that the new A20 mentioned above is pin compatible with the existing A10, I’d expect to see an upgraded version of the EOMA-68 coming to market with a significantly faster processor in the near future.

There is no indication at this point exactly how much the board costs, but the bill of materials in the past was said to be around $15. This opens the possibility for the EOMA to be priced on par or slightly above the wildly popular Raspberry Pi.