Nintendo TVii goes live on December 20

Nintendo has confirmed that its delayed TVii feature for the recently launched Wii U console will be going live on December 20.

TVii can best be described as a software entertainment hub that offers support for a wide range of streaming video platforms and hardware, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, TiVo and live TV.

“After Dec. 20, you’ll never look at your TV the same way again,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.

“Wii U owners have already experienced the transformative effect that the GamePad has on game play and social interaction. Nintendo TVii shows how the integrated second screen of the GamePad can also transform and enhance the TV viewing experience.”

As noted above, Nintendo TVii streamlines cable, satellite and video-on-demand services by pulling all available content sources – such as a Comcast cable package or Hulu Plus subscription – into one place.

“This allows Wii U owners to focus on what they want to watch and not how they want to watch,” said Fils-Aime. “And once users find the show, sporting event or movie they want, they press an icon and Nintendo TVii does the rest.”

Nintendo TVii also includes support for a slew of social features, including Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter.

At launch, the service will support cable and satellite providers, as well as direct integration with Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus subscriptions in the United States.

Additional integration with Netflix subscriptions and TiVo is expected in early 2013 in the United States; however Wii U owners with a Netflix subscription can still access the Netflix app from the Wii U system’s main menu.