Sweet case mod puts the parts on the outside

I’ve seen plenty of PC mods over the years that use custom cases. However, I can’t say I’ve ever come across a mod that didn’t put all the components for the computer inside a case of some sort. Well, now a case modder named Martijn Laman has cooked up a very cool looking mod that he calls Project Inverted.

Project Inverted puts a lot of the hardware on the outside of the computer chassis where you can see it spinning and whirring. Obviously, this might not be the safest case mod if you have animals or young children walking around the house, but yes, it appears that at least four spinning fans and radiators for liquid cooling system are externally mounted. So beware, because I can definitely see Mister Whiskers or a toddler stuffing an appendage into the spinning blades.

This interesting case mod was highlighted by Asus on the Republic of Gamers website. Naturally, the PC uses some Asus hardware. The motherboard for the computer is a Sabertooth Z77  powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. The machine uses an AMD Radeon HD 6870 video card, which is one of the components on the outside of the computer.

The case itself was cut by hand and the wiring for the machine is hiding inside the chassis. The machine also sports a pair of SSDs and controllers for fans and lights. The computer even boasts a seven-inch integrated touchscreen, which is apparently what you see under the radiators in the photo above. The builder of this interesting computer case outlines the steps in sufficient detail – so you could probably build your own if you’re so inclined.