Raspberry Pi powers this wearable computer

A wearable computer is quite an intriguing concept for modders, hackers and general tech enthusiasts. 

As you may recall, Google is currently fielding its own wearable computer with its indigenously designed $1500 Project Glass device, which is probably well out of the reach of most people, at least for now. 

However, if you have your own Raspberry Pi dev board, you can follow some instructions over on Instructables, courtesy of meztek, on how to build your very own wearable computer for just under $400.

The instructions walk you through the necessary components – the two primary being the Raspberry Pi itself and a relatively cheap pair of glasses with an integrated monitor from Vuzix (Wrap 920).

At first glance, it sounds like the glasses are the most expensive component in the entire wearable computer system at about $196.

The base OS is Raspbian Linux, with the system itself powered by rechargeable AA batteries.

Traditional input is enabled via a wireless thumb keyboard and integrated touchpad. As expected, the DIY wearable computer includes the inevitable cable or two required to keep the glasses and CPU connected.

Other than being significantly cheaper than Google’s Glass project, the Vuzix LCD display glasses don’t allow you to see the real world around you.

Meaning, while you are wearing the glasses, you’re essentially blind to what’s going on in your environment – so this definitely isn’t an augmented reality experience. Nevertheless, it is a cool DIY project worth checking out.