Logitech unveils washable keyboard

Good news for anyone who has ever knocked over a cup of coffee.

Logitech is set to launch a new computer keyboard that you’ll be able to treat just like a common pot or pan. The K310 is waterproof and can be submerged in up to 11 inches of water.

The only part of the device that still shouldn’t make contact with water is of course the USB cable. But you can feel free to dunk everything else in water until you get rid of that coffee stain or whatever generic dust and crumbs happen to accumulate there.

So what is the special sauce that makes this possible? According to Logitech, it’s the drainage holes that appear on the back of the keyboard, preventing the water from sticking around to cause any damage and also making the entire thing dry out quickly.

And if you were worried about the individual keys fading after being exposed to water submersion, Logitech points out they are laser printed and coated, so they can fully withstand that abuse.

The company promises that keys will last for up to five million keystrokes.

As for the more technical aspects of the K310, it has 12 hotkeys for instant access to things like Web browsing, email, media playback, etc.

It is a plug-and-play USB keyboard, compatible with Windows XP through Windows 7.

The keyboard launches in Europe in October, with more regions expected to follow. Its retail price will be around $60 – $70.