Instacube is the new Kickstarter darling

An Instagram-connected digital photo cube appears to be the next Ouya on Kickstarter.

The unique project, called the Instacube, is garnering media attention in the same way that Ouya did, as well as other creative concepts on Kickstarter like the digital Pebble watch.

A group called Design to Matter wants to create a cube-shaped digital photo frame that automatically syncs to your Instagram account and displays a slideshow of images from your account.

It of course connects to your WiFi service to download the photos and update when new pictures are added.

For the first 1,000 backers on Kickstarter who donate at least $100, the company is promising one of the first units. Those who don’t get in on the ground floor will have to pay $150 for the same deal.

Kickstarter has already made its place in history as the new launching pad for great and creative innovations. In a time when it’s difficult for even the most savvy business people to get bank loans, the social funding site has become a new standard for entrepreneurs of all walks of life.

Design to Matter’s head of industrial design John Waley said, “This is why we wanted to do a project on Kickstarter. We really believe we’re the perfect team to do this kind of project, because we can execute.”

The company is aiming for a $250,000 goal. It has already reached more than half of that.