Video: Google’s Project Glass gets demoed

The first time we saw a pair of Project Glass spectacles was back in April when Google officially went public with its formerly top secret initiative. 

Essentially, the glasses can be used to overlay data onto the wearer’s vision – providing an immersive augmented reality experience. Personally, I can envision at least several niche uses for the high-tech spectacles, including military operations, gaming and navigation. 

Of course, being able to walk down the street and have street names and building addresses overlaid on what you’re looking at with your eyes would also be quite fun.

Rumors originally claimed that the glasses would hit the streets somewhere between $250 and $600 before the end of 2012. In all likelihood, Project Glass will weight in at the high end of the above-mentioned range. However, Mountain View will undoubtedly have to do something about the style, as they look uber-geeky, which could signficantly hinder mainstream adoption.

Interestingly enough, a new Project Glass feature was confirmed after Sergey Brin appeared on The Gavin Newsom Show with a prototype in tow. Apparently, the glasses are controlled using an integrated trackpad that runs down the right arm of the glasses. Brin also expressed hope that the tech used in the prototypes we’ve seen so far will make it to market by 2013.