Logitech touts wireless solar keyboard for Apple gear

Logitech has certainly jumped onto the solar-powered keyboard bandwagon with both feet.

The company recently debuted the K750 wireless solar keyboard for Windows and followed it up with the Solar Keyboard Folio for the iPad 2.

The folio was designed as an integrated solar-powered keyboard to hold Apple’s wildly popular tablet and facilitate easier typing.

And now Logitech is rolling out a new solar-powered keyboard (K760) targeted at Mac users and their mobile iOS devices.

The keyboard connects to Apple devices via Bluetooth and features a three-position button that allows the keyboard to be simultaneously paired with an iMac, iPad and iPhone. The selector button is certainly a nice touch because without it, you might end up trying to type on your iPad and unknowingly type on your computer at the same time – if the devices are in close vicinity.

The keyboard is arranged for Mac users, offering a much cleaner and simpler design than the K750, with Logitech concave design enabling comfortable and quiet typing.

The K760 is slated to launch over the next few days at a cool $80 price point