More Tyan Athlon Motherboard Specs

A few days ago, a source gave us information about the appearance of an Athlon dualie motherboard. Our source told us, “The recent swing by the scientific community toward Linux-based systems has brought significant change to our department. With the help of a technician from a small computer company that specializes in parallelization, our system manager has bought over 75 dual processor systems running Redhat Linux. These systems are configured to run in parallel using the Linda message-passing software and a scheduler called PBS. The gains for even a small number of nodes versus the old SGI systems previously used (at over four times the cost) are truly fantastic. Yesterday, we received a package containing a new Dual Athlon motherboard. This board (Tyan S2462UNGM) has dual onboard LANs, onboard SCSI, onboard ATI video, 64-bit PCI, AGP pro, etc… We also received a 460 watt power supply for it. It came with dual 1000 MHz Athlon C (266 FSB) processors. It has four slots for DDR memory.” Today, Mike Magee at The Inquirer got his own scoop from Taiwan and you can Read Mike’s take on it. Looks like dualie heaven has arrived early because we have been consistently put on hold about when dual Athlon boards were going to be officially launched. A spokeman for Tyan would not comment when confronted with the information so, we take it to mean that the PR folks are trying to manage the launch, but that systems are making it into the wild, nevertheless.