Hacker restores Atom support for Snow Leopard netbooks

A Russian hacker known as “teateam” claims to have restored support for Atom-based Hackintoshes running Snow Leopard 10.6.2. ?Apple had previously disabled the processor in an effort to curb the burgeoning Hackintosh community.

“The problem originates in a revision to the kernel in 10.6.2. The changes Apple made to the latest mach_kernel removes support for [Atom] processors, leaving updated netbooks in a useless state,” InsanelyMac member “blkhockeypro19” explained in a forum post.

??”Fortunately, ‘teateam’ has patched the new kernel just two days after Apple rolled out the update. Many users are reporting success with this patch, so if you [are] an Atom user looking to update to 10.6.2, give it a try, and let’s not forget to give ‘teateam’ a round of applause for saving all our hackintosh netbooks!”

However, Jeff Porten of MacWorld warned that executing the Atom crack was not a “point-and-click” operation.

“You’ll need to roll up your Terminal sleeves for a few simple steps here,” said Porten. “And, of course, replace the kernel of your operating system – the fundamental code that underlies everything else in Mac OS X – with a file you’ve downloaded from the Internet.”
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