Tech Economy in the Hands of Nude Entrepreuners

OPINION: Some guy in England called Milo Yiannopoulos is the mastermind behind a charity calendar that exposes the bare flesh of 24 so-called high-tech entrepreuners. The proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be going to Take Heart India, “a charity focused on IT education projects for blind and disabled students in India.”

According to The Daily Telegraph:

“Organiser Milo Yiannopoulos said that he wanted to dispel the notion of internet entrepreneurs as being “unattractive geeks”, as well as raise money for charity. “

However, if you peek at most of the flesh on display in The Huffington Post image gallery, you may want to send Mr. Yiannopoulos a set of beer goggles as a joke.

Sure, charity is good so we won’t kick that notion in the butt. But, putting naked geeks on display, there’s a heck of a lot that is wrong with that. We’ll start by saying, Who is giving these people jobs? I mean, who would want to invest in anyone who drops trou so easily?

I guess, the rage these days is for no boundary between personal and work space. It can’t be a good thing and this crowd of exhibitionists may have finally jumped the shark. Yup, let’s hope the future greats of industry do a better job at keeping themselves to themselves and concentrating on other things like, say, working out, or getting hobbies.

There’s got to be an inflection point coming up sometime soon, a point at which people kind of implode emotionally on the Internet and decide that they don’t really want to share so much. Maybe it will be someone shouting, Hey, the Emperor has no clothes, except in this situation it would be something like, Hey, dude, I don’t want to know what you are doing right now or how your life is or what you just did/eat/drink/see.

That’s right, I drew a line from a weird charity calendar to the end of civilization as we know it and back again. It’s the back again part I am interested in, the part where we all stop being so damn in to ourselves. The only thing the Internet has done is made it easier for us to embarass ourselves in real time to a wider audience, a bit like reality television.

And before you make any comments, how’d you feel if your boss, or colleague had a naked picture of themselves hanging on their office, or cubicle wall? No, they’re not hot. They’re just plain and normal and probably best not seen naked, like most people! Would you be, like, I think you are soooooo cool. Or, what a putz.

Jumping the shark. That’s what this is. I really, really hope so.