Electronics nerd controls ’69 Pontiac GTO with Apple iPod

A self-described electronics nerd has designed a system known as “RedEye” to remotely control his ’69 Pontiac’s ignition, radio and doors with an iPod Touch.

According to Jalopnik, RedEye is a hardware and software “combo” that communicates with iPods over WiFi and relays the signals to the target device.

“Normally that means giving infrared signals to home theater components, but Dave Phipps had other ideas. He set up the software to do things like turn on the ignition and start the car, pop the servo-actuated doors and trunk, roll down the windows and put down the top, control the radio, arm the alarm and even rev the engine from a distance,” wrote Ben Wojdyla of Jalopnik.

“First, Dave created a local wifi-network for the car which is based on a normal Linksys router which connects to the Redeye controller. The Redeye interfaces with a central relay box which controls the car or runs a direct infra-red line to other elements like the stereo system. Of course some of these things require secondary servos and controllers, but all of it ties back into the car’s control network.”