Digital Storm debuts Black|OPS gaming rig

Digital Storm has introduced a new line of high-end gaming rigs that feature Intel’s Core i7 processor, ATI’s 5970 graphics card and a sub-zero liquid cooling system.

Company spokesperson Rajeev Kuruppu told TG Daily that the Black|OPS line had been designed, integrated and optimized from the “ground up.”

“At the core of Black|OPS gaming machines is Digital Storm’s sub-zero liquid cooling system which effectively removes performance inhibiting heat from the processor, video cards, and even the motherboard’s chipset,” Kuruppu explained in an e-mailed statement.

“[And], unlike other gaming PC integrators, who simply cram the latest hardware into chassis, [we]  select the highest quality components and ensure that every piece works in perfect unison with each other.”

Kuruppu added that Digital Storm allows its customers to “push” their Black|OPS systems to the extreme with its “TwisterBoost” overclocking process.

“TwisterBoost optimizes and overclocks the system’s processor, memory, and graphic cards,” said Kuruppu.

“[We have also] upped the ante by offering a noise suppression package [that uses] dampening material, tunes fan speeds, adjusts chassis air-flow and analyzes the system’s noise signature.”

The Black|OPS Extreme configuration has a base price of $3,102.