Dell starts to sell uninterruptible power supplies

They may not be the most exciting products on the planet, but if you’re a business you don’t want to suffer the pain of brown outs that make you black out.

And so Dell said today it will sell a number of uninterruptible power supply products which come with remote monitoring, downloadable flash upgrades and UPS management software.

The offerings are part of a range of products Dell is aiming at the small and medium business sector – it’s launched PowerEdge T110 and T310 tower servers and the R210 and R410 rack servers which are based on Intel’s Xeon 3400 CPUs.

The T110 is aimed at small businesses with a desktop sized chassis, while the PowerEdge R210 is a small rack server with a depth of 15.5-inches and a low watt power supply. Dell claims it has the smallest energy footprint of any of its PowerEdge family.

Dell has also introduced the PowerVault NX300 – a Windows Storage Server 2008 NAS box that can store up to four terabytes of data. The T110, T1310, R210 and R510 servers are available this month with a starting price of $600. The PowerVault NX300 becomes available in October, starting at $3,000, while the UPS products will also become available in October.