Hacked flight sim firm fingers suspect

The US publisher of a flight simulator site which was hacked in May says it has tracked down the perpetrator and provided evidence to the British police.

AVSIM says it has what it calls “incontrovertible evidence”, and is confident that the guilty party will be spending time inside.

The hack, on May 12, let to the theft of over 60,000 email addresses from AVSIM’s forum system and the effective loss of two servers, costing over $50,000 to sort out. Half of that cost has been met by altruistic users, and the company says it will try to recover the money in the civil courts.

Site owner Tom Allensworth wouldn’t name the suspect. “Though we tried to resolve this over the last three months out of court, giving this person two opportunities to settle with us, the individual did not avail himself of the opportunity – in fact, he has ignored our proffers,” he said. “We are now doing as we promised this person we would do; ratcheting this up to the next, criminal, level.”