AMD powered Jaguar wins supercomputer race

The AMD-powered “Jaguar” system has been dubbed the world’s “supreme supercomputer” by the TOP500 organization

The upgraded Cray XT5 – which is based in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – features six-core AMD Opteron processors that deliver 2.3 petaflop/s theoretical peak performance and 1.75 petaflop/s performance on the Linpack benchmark.

Spokesperson John Fruehe told TG Daily that his company had achieved a “strong presence” in the HPC arena, with both AMD CPUs and ATI GPUs powering a number of top supercomputing systems.

“AMD continues its solid leadership in supercomputing, with four of the top five systems depending on AMD for record-setting performance, [such as] another recently upgraded Cray XT5 system [known as] Kraken,” explained Frueheh.

He noted that AMD was “leading the way forward” with ultra high performance heterogeneous systems, including the Tianhe-1 in China which comprises 5,120 AMD RV770 GPUs and achieves performance levels of 563.1 teraflops/s. ?

Frueheh added that AMD was planning to debut a line of 8- and 12-core x86 processors during the first quarter of 2010.

The processors, which are codenamed “Magny-Cours,” will be capable of delivering up to a 100 percent increase in compute core density and multi-threading capability. In addition, the processors will feature four channels of DDR-3 memory, as well as new power management and virtualization features.

AMD is also slated to introduce its “Bulldozer” processor architecture in 2011. The chip’s modular design is expected to increase concurrency, simultaneous command capabilities and multi-threading capacity with up to 16 dedicated cores.

The complete Top500 list can be viewed here.

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