AMD claims pole position in mobile graphics

AMD claimed it’s come from being number two in the mobile graphics market to hit the number one position, toppling Nvidia off its perch.

Asif Rehman, product manager of AMD’s mobile graphics business, said: “We started this year as being the number two in the mobile graphics market but in the last nine months we gained 16 percent market share and now we’re sitting at 57 percent.”

He said AMD gaining 16 percent market share means Nvidia has lost all that share to it. He said AMD has the majority of design wins for both Intel and for AMD microprocessors in the notebook market.

Rehman also said that AMD is first to the market with Direct X11. He also claimed that AMD’s next generation Radeon will mean it’s working with 90 percent of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  “We have won the mindshare of business both for Intel and AMD platforms,” he said.

Next generation Radeon products will be introduced in quarter one of 2010 with other products being released throughout the year.

Market share figures, Rehman said, are based on Mercury Research numbers.