Bing in ding dong with Microsoft Bing

A St Louis company called Bing! Information Design has served a writ on Microsoft  alleging the software giant has breached its trademark.

Bing! said in the suit that it has used the trademark Bing! since 2000, and has applied for registration of the mark in Missouri.

Microsoft, on the other hand, set its Bing going earlier this year, and has spent large sums of money advertising its search engine. It’s alleged that’s caused confusion and damage to Bing!

Bing! wants to injunct Microsoft to prevent it using the Bing mark, and also wants corrective damage to prevent and reverse confusion.

The suit alleges that Microsoft already had knowledge of Bing! before it set out to use the name to describe its search engine.

The case was filed in the 22nd judicial circuit court, St Louis.